Assessment of Entrepreneurship Education Trends in the Formal Education System in Tanzania


  • Perpetua Kalimasi Mzumbe University,


Entrepreneurship education, formal education system, Tanzania


This article aims to assess the trend of entrepreneurial education within the formal education system through reflecting on the link between the national strategies and practice in Tanzanian formal education curricular. The article adopted the Fayolle’s teaching model for entrepreneurship education, focusing on the ontological and educational levels. Methodologically, the Tanzanian framework for entrepreneurship training has been analysed along with some national policies and curricular. Theoretical and empirical literature has also been systematically reviewed.  Analysis of reviewed documents indicates a variation in the terms of the extent in which entrepreneurial education has been incorporated in different levels and kinds of formal education system. While there are noticeable initiatives to promote entrepreneurial education in higher education, primary and secondary levels entrepreneurial education strategies have been minimal in practice. The article concludes that the Tanzanian framework for entrepreneurship education is a useful guide but it has not been reflected in the holistic formal education curricula. However, there are noticeable strategies in higher education, vocational education and teacher training institutions. The article is limited in terms of scope of empirical cases in different levels of education.


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Perpetua Kalimasi, Mzumbe University,

Department of Education Foundations and Teaching Management, Mzumbe University,




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